Biography - Lomor
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Lomor, old-school Thrash Metal power trio, is setting Reunion Island on fire...

Since its first apparition during Marko’s (Tattoo) birthday party in July, 4th 2020, Lomor has made great gigs despite the pandemic. Back to the begining…

Lomor is a power trio from Reunion Island (France).  Influenced by the sounds and styles of big names such as Slayer, Testament or Kreator, Lomor offers his Thrash in a rather old-fashioned way. He sometimes flirts with punk or more “core” metal.

Following the release of his first single “Kanyar L’Enfer” in January 2021, Lomor worked throughout that year on his compositions by producing several demos of the different titles in order to prepare his first album “Perseverance of Sickness”.

Lomor sends wood, metal and any things that will decapitate a pangolin!

Thus, after contacting Sébastien Camhi from Studio Art Music in France who accepted the project, Lomor entered the studio in January 2022 and released his first opus on December 9, 2022 during a memorable concert at “Le Kabardock” venue (Reunion Island).

Lomor is recent but has already produced several notable gigs on Reunion Island: the first part of Pamplemousse on November 11, 2020 on the legendary and exceptional stage of “Téât Plein Air” in Saint-Gilles, then a huge date on October 29, 2022 for the Tattoo Convention on the stage of “La Cité des Arts” in  SaintDenis, where Lomor was able to open for the mighty “Mass Hysteria”.

At the end of 2023, Lomor did it again with his first tour “Kanyar Tour” in France where he crossed the country with 7 dates to defend a second live album “Live on Dock”, released for the occasion.

Among the dates of the tour, Lomor has opened for  renowned groups such as Akiavel and Mass Hysteria, again, at “Château Rouge” venue in front of 700 people in Annemasse.

Back full of energy from this tour, Lomor is already working on a second studio album which release is planned for summer 2025 with obviously its promotional tour in France, or maybe in Europe.

Thrash is not dead, kit ta bourèt'